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Cody's Beer 5,4% vol Box...Cody's Beer 5,4% vol Box...

    Cody's Beer 5,4% vol Box 24x330 ml

    Price $20.88
    $0.87 U

    A beer that travels the whole world and makes every meeting that bit more relaxed: full-bodied, with a strong taste and character. High-quality ingredients ensure its typically German note. A positive side-effect of using a recipe with such a long tradition: even without cooling, the beer will be just as fresh and delicious when it reaches you as it was when it left the brewery in Germany. With a golden-yellow colour, pleasantly bitter taste and a flavour your customers will love.

    Cody's Malta Box 24 x 330 mlCody's Malta Box 24 x 330 ml

      Cody's Malta Box 24 x 330 ml

      Price $20.88
      $0.87 U

      Malta Cody's, tickles like champagne and looks like a tail, which makes Malta Cody's a truly divine drink. Its naturally sweet taste in combination with the acid of the fruit offers great freshness - with ice, with milk or alone. The nutrients absorbed are rich in vitamin B and are ingested by the body immediately. What makes Cody's Malta your natural source of energy at any time of the day. 

      Cristal Beer 4.9% Box 24x355mlCristal Beer 4.9% Box 24x355ml

        Cristal Beer 4.9% Box 24x355ml

        Price $27.60
        $1.15 U

        It is the perfect beer for a hot summer day. Brewed in Cuba since 1928. Traditional lager-type beer, with an exceptionally refreshing and light flavor.

        Pav. Dandy Tortola (Box...Pav. Dandy Tortola (Box...

          Pav. Dandy Tortola (Box 1.30m²...

          Price $26.00
          $20.00 m²

          Cerámica Saloni offers all kinds of solutions for residential and commercial projects.

          Bucanero Beer 5.4% Box...Bucanero Beer 5.4% Box...

            Bucanero Beer 5.4% Box 24x355ml

            Price $25.20
            $1.05 U

            The Strong Buccaneer takes its name from the old legends of the pirates of the Caribbean. Considering that Bucanero Fuerte is one of the greatest hidden treasures of Cuban beer, this association of ideas serves you well. With the strong flavor of a more full-bodied beer, Bucanero Fuerte is brewed with the freshest and most natural ingredients, superior quality malt blended with a touch of the finest Cuban sugar.

            Mayabe Beer 4.0% Box 24x355ml

              Mayabe Beer 4.0% Box 24x355ml

              Price $24.00
              $1.00 U

              A beer that enjoys great popularity in Cuba. It has a light color, a light flavor, and only 4 degrees of alcohol. Mayabe Beer is an ideal beer for consumers who prefer clear beers.

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              Sandwich biscuits with vanilla flavor filling.

              Enjoy the unique combination of the ODISEA sandwich cookie, with its crunchy chocolate-flavored cookie and the delicious creamy vanilla-flavored filling, now with the perfect dark chocolate coating.

              Sauris Napolitano (Pack 10...
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              Sauris Napolitano (Pack 10 units)

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              Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavored sandwich biscuits