Shipping Policies

The delivery time for shipments is the number of business days (Monday to Friday) it takes to deliver the products purchased on the site from our warehouses to the final recipient.

Delivery of the order to the final addressee

JHM STORE has several warehouses and distributors that guarantee deliveries. If the products in your order require different transportation conditions to preserve their quality, they may arrive at different times. There are products that can be delivered separately if they have other delivery methods.

Deliveries of your purchases are made in a personalized way at the recipient's address. If the recipient is not present at the time of delivery, the order will not be delivered to neighbors, friends or other people who are not duly indicated in the order by the customer.

The buyer (customer) may specify an alternative delivery address and name for this person to receive the order if the original recipient is not present at the time the order is delivered.

Orders that contain errors in the delivery addresses, as well as in the name and identification number of the recipient may be temporarily withheld, until the buyer (customer) provides correct and sufficient information. Otherwise, the order can be canceled, and the money returned to the buyer.

Contact us by mail to clarify errors in addresses, names, and other data.

Some products can be delivered on special dates, in that case, the site will allow you to specify the date and you will be informed whether the delivery can be made for the requested date. In case of requesting delivery on a specific date, you must contact us indicating the order and the delivery date at least 10 days before the desired delivery date.

Regions and delivery times

JHM STORE guarantees the delivery of your shipments with efficiency and responsibility.

The delivery times that are specified are the maximum times to deliver your order in business days (Monday through Friday).

Delivery areas and times are those provided on the Platform according to the available carriers.

If there are difficulties with the address or the recipient is not found at the time of delivery, these deadlines may be extended. All these lead times generally behave in the middle of their range. Therefore, always consider an average when calculating the estimated time of arrival of your shipment.


From the moment the purchase is made, the sender must define a second person to receive the order in case the main recipient is not present at the time of delivery. The person in charge of receiving the order must show their identification at the time of receipt.

Home delivery rates

Delivery rates may vary according to the destination region, the products ordered and the exchange rates of the different currencies the site operates with (BSD, EUR, CAD). All costs associated with shipping are paid by the customer. The recipient does not have to pay upon receipt of the order.

Receipt of orders at the destination

The recipient of the order will sign a Delivery Invoice accepting the goods and services delivered, in accordance with international standards. JHM STORE will keep this Invoice as proof that the sale has been concluded successfully. Recipients should not sign the Delivery Invoice if for any reason they disagree with the quantities or quality of the products delivered or if the description of the products does not match the description detailed in the order.

In case of errors in delivery, JHM STORE guarantees the delivery of the products again in an appropriate way, without extra charges.

Delivery confirmation

You will be notified by mail when an order is delivered to its final recipient. JHM STORE delivers the products from the payment and confirmation of the order, therefore, you may receive more than one delivery confirmation if you ordered more than one product and their transportation conditions or delivery methods are different. 

Verification of the authenticity of the orders

The signature that appears on the Delivery Invoice must match the one that appears on your identity document.

JHM STORE will never ask for your credit card information, our site does not collect or process that information. Your payment card number will only be requested at the payment gateway for the purpose of paying the order. The delivery time to which the site is committed will begin to count from the moment the order is considered valid, authentic and the payment is processed.

Agreement with the user and modifications

This site reserves the right to modify this Delivery Policy at its discretion or against any client who is considered to have made an abusive use of it. Any revision or change will be mandatory, contractual, and effective immediately after its publication. You agree that you will periodically review this WEBSITE, including the current version of our Delivery Policy. It is your obligation to review it to inform yourself of any changes or revisions.