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Cancel orders

All orders are processed immediately after they are placed. Once the order has been processed, it is not possible to cancel it. Orders with status "In Process" or "Concluded" may NOT be canceled or the amount paid for them returned to customers.

If the order is found "NOT Processed", "Approved" or "Held", it may be canceled, and the order amount returned to the customer. However, you or your beneficiary may decide not to accept an order placed on the website if considers that the quantities of products ordered are not delivered or due to any quality problem, breakages or imperfections in the products delivered.

The amount paid for the order will be refunded once the product is returned to our distributors and suppliers without having been unpacked.

Once the recipients accept the products and sign the Delivery Note, the value of the products is non-refundable unless the damage, imperfection or breakage is covered by the product warranty. In that case, if the products cannot be replaced, the full amount paid for that product will be returned to the customer. Transactions for which money is returned to the customer may not exceed the original transaction amount.

Returns requested by customers

Any customer can request the cancellation of their purchase and the refund of their payment if the order has not been processed, in this case JHM-Store is obliged to return their money. If the request for the credit back is motivated by the interest of the client or by an error made when making the purchase or any other reason not inherent to a breach, poor service, or interest of this site, 10 (ten)% of the amount will be deducted. to be returned to the customer, to cover operational costs, both those related to the purchase and the return of money, as well as other bank charges related to these operations.

If the credit back responds to a bad service or breach of the site or to a decision made on its initiative, no discount will be made to the customer of the amount remitted, JHM-Store assuming the costs mentioned in the previous paragraph.

To obtain a refund, you must supply a valid email address to

This site will not be liable for any claim that results from providing you with an incorrect email address.

User agreement and modifications

This site reserves the right to modify this Return Policy at its discretion or against any customer deemed to have made abusive use of it. Any revision or change will be mandatory, contractual and effective immediately after its publication. You agree that you will periodically review this WEBSITE, including the current version of our Return Policy. It is your obligation to review it to detect any changes or revisions.